вы не поверите, но здесь про вас ни строчки

You know, I love it when you're down on your knees
And I'm a junkie for the way that you please
You shut me up, and you swallow me down
My back to the wall you're going to town

I hate to say it, but it has to be said
You look so fragile as I fuck with your head
I know it shouldn't but its scarring me of
If sex is the drug then what is the cost?

The one that you want
The one that you need
My love is like a fucking disease
You can give me your hand
You can make your demand
I'm your hardest motherfucker to please

I almost told you that I loved you
Thank god I didn't
Cause it would have been a lie
I say the damnedest things
When you're on top of me

I almost told you that I loved you

Next time I'm saying goodbye

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